To effectively protect and secure your business requires much more than just a simple door alarm. It requires an integrated system of advanced fire, life safety, and security devices working together to increase safety, prevent theft and boost productivity.

Regular inspections by your local fire marshal are a part of doing business, and you need to be ready when they arrive. Since these visits are unannounced, the best way to be prepared is to go through the inspection checklist yourself to ensure that your business is in full compliance with the fire code at all times.

Enter your contact information to the right for the FREE Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist so you can be sure your business is fully compliant. Once your contact information is received, you will be able to instantly download the Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist so you can easily walk through your business and check the list for compliance.

•  Avoid expensive fines
•  Prevent costly shut downs
•  Keep your employees safe
•  Reduce risk of fire damage

Koorsen Fire & Security is a family-owned business with local ties and an unmatched dedication to customers and the communities it serves. Koorsen’s been in business since 1946, and has become one of the most well-known and respected life safety companies in the United States. Koorsen’s wide range of services, unparalleled training and commitment to customer service ensures Koorsen customers will receive the best service available moving forward.